The exciting new apple that dares to be different

Bold. Daring. Different.

Introducing the BRAVO™ apple – LIKE NO OTHER™

The BRAVO™ branded apple is an exciting new apple. With its alluring dark burgundy skin, vibrant white flesh and sweet juicy taste, it’s an everyday luxury you will love.

Over 20 years in development, BRAVO™ apples deliver on all fronts.  From its striking visual appeal to a refreshing and irresistible flavour, it simply demands attention.

You’ll always love BRAVO™ apples

Always beautiful in its natural state, BRAVO™ apples are refreshingly juicy and sweet.  The unique flavours hold appeal to every food lover. Grown and selected to strict control standards, BRAVO™ apples deliver a consistent eating experience that will never disappoint.

BRAVO™ apples are already gaining the attention of leading chefs with the use of its beautiful attributes in first class food service inspiring a range of daring and unique recipes.   The instantly recognisable dark burgundy skin provides perfect contrast to its vibrant white flesh, delivering a bold plate appeal that presents perfectly.

BRAVO™ apples also travel and store extremely well, allowing you to enjoy them orchard fresh wherever you find them.

BRAVO™ apple skin is packed full of anti-oxidants, you can see them infusing through the crispy white flesh when you take a bite.  You’ll love BRAVO™ apples and BRAVO™ apples love you back!

Why is a BRAVO™ Apple Different?

BRAVO apples are the product of the world’s most successful apple breeding program in Australia.  It has been developed to be outstanding on all fronts – from its dark good looks to its distinctive flavour and texture. You can recognise a BRAVOapple by its:

  • Distinctive dark burgundy skin
  • Great crunch and texture
  • Sweet juiciness
  • Vibrant white flesh
  • Slowness to brown
  • Fantastic storage and freshness

Discover the everyday luxury of BRAVO™ apples for yourself.

BRAVO™ apples are a new generation luxury offering a distinctive fresh fruit eating experience and delicious cooking possibilities.

You’ll love BRAVO™ apples

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