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BRAVO™ apples are exciting and unique Western Australian bred apples that has a distinct sweetness, moderate to high crisp and crunch, and a striking burgundy colour.

BRAVO™ apples are like no other™ apple currently available from Australia.

Available commercially for the first time in 2016, only fruit that meets the exacting quality specifications earn the right to be sold under the premium BRAVO™ apple brand.

BRAVO™ apples are the result of more than two decades of research and development with an impressive tree pedigree. The tree variety is the result of a traditional hybridisation cross between Royal Gala and the internationally acclaimed Western Australian-bred Cripps Red apple variety.

BRAVO™ apples are therefore 100% guaranteed non-GMO fruit. The apple’s outstanding colour and prominent lenticels provide a distinctive sparkling appearance to a BRAVO™ apple which is generally obloid in shape and medium to large in size.

The apple is fresh tasting with an excellent balanced flavour at optimum maturity, is juicy and crisp and has an attractive contrasting creamy yellow flesh and not prone to surface cracking, bitter pit, superficial scald or internal disorders.

Stringent grading and quality standards are applied to ensure only premium ANABP 01 fruit is released under the BRAVO™ apple brand. BRAVO™ apples will be medium to large in size depending on crop load and seasonal factors.

The average size is between 75 and 85 mm in diameter and the average weight ranges between 180 and 245 grams. Like no other, BRAVO™ apples have many benefits to consumers, including:Distinctive sweetness with good sugar and acid balance.

  • Moderate to high crisp and crunch.
  • Excellent eating apple for all ages.•An exciting and attractive additive to salads and many other food dishes.
  • Medium-sized apple with good storing quality.
  • Grown, graded and packed in Australia to exacting standards.
  • Striking burgundy coloured skin, like no other apple grown in Australia.

Find out more about the history of the BRAVO apple tree stock.

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